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Lord Les
Prince Deng

JAS CREW (pronounced "jazz crew") is an energetic and determined rap combo from Zurich (CH) with roots in St. Gallen who have already been active since 2006. The three letters "J - A - S" stand for the initial letters of the names of the three founders Jaime, Aristotle and Sandjay.

What initially began with smaller concerts at home parties and birthdays quickly developed into a passion and task of life. With the ambition which links the three of them together and through the pursuit of perfection, JAS CRW could already celebrate successes inside of Switzerland and abroad.

The boys have only one thing in mind. Music with all its many different facets. JAS CRW is more than just a band. JAS CRW stands for the self-awareness and passion to captivate and enchant people with their music.

Official releases:

12/10/2018 - Purple Pineapple Juice - Single
17/09/2018 - Trip Trep Trap - Single
02/02/2018 - Chuva (Viva Con Agua) - Single
17/06/2017 - Swerving Tonight - Single
27/06/2016 - Swervin - EP
04/04/2015 - The Quest of The Brave and Ambitious - Album
06/03/2015 - Wake Up Call (Radio edit) - Single
02/12/2013 - Bombay Night Story - EP with MANNEQUINE

Unofficial releases:

20/02/2012 - Fancy Jeans Empty Pockets - Mixtape


 Supporting Act:

ScHoolboy Q (USA) / Yelawolf (USA) / Rae Sremmurd (USA) / Herbert Grönemeyer (GER) / Wacka Flocka Flame (USA) / DAS EFX (USA) / Slum Village (USA) / Dead Prez (USA) / Afurah (USA) / THE SWAG (GER) / Continental Records (UK) / Japhna Gold (CH) / Steezo (CH) / SHHJ (CH) 


DAS EFX (USA) “That Thang“ from “Fancy Jeans Empty Pockets” / Japhna Gold (CH) “The Conglomerate” / Mannequine (CH) “BombayNight Story” / Omari T (USA) “Wake Up Call” / Knackeboul (CH) “Kranich” / Steezo (CH) “Leave” / Laskaar (CH) „Vibrant"


Openair Frauenfeld / OpenAir St. Gallen (SG) / Paléo Festival (VD) / SO36 (BER/GER) / Sanderson Hotel (LDN/UK) / Stadion AFG Arena (SG) / Bar Tausend (BER/GER) / Treibhaus (LU) / Schüür (LU) / Bierhübeli (BE) / Dachstock (BE) / Abart (ZH) / Rote Fabrik (ZH) / Stall 6 (ZH) / Kanzlei (ZH) / Exil (ZH) / Gonzo (ZH) / Kugl (SG)  / Grabenhalle (SG) / Dynamo (ZH) / Royal Arena (BE) / Glashaus (AG) / Plaza (ZH) / Concerto (SG) / Kanzlei (ZH) / Joiz TV (CH) / X-Tra (ZH) / Play Engadin (GR)...